Vision Independent Productions (VIP)

Over the past thirty years VIP has created and produced TV programs and formats that have been licenced and broadcast by major TV networks in Ireland and overseas, many which have become favourites with an Irish audience. 


vipvidy OTT video streaming platform

The brief was simple:-

"We want to develop our own independent video streaming service so that we can bring many of the popular TV shows we produced over the past 20 years to audiences in Ireland and to the wider Irish diaspora" 


Having surveyed the OTT platform service landscape, VIP found the revenue sharing requirements, fixed business models, strategic and operational flexibility to be restrictive, which brought them to embarking on their own MVP build with WDI.

The success of any OTT service development hinges on the careful selection of the technology stack as well as provisioning a suitable Content Delivery Network (CDN) for initial rollout. Choosing an appropriate technology stack for any web application is vital for ensuring optimal performance and delivering a seamless user experience especially in a projected high traffic demand environment.


This project involved many aspects of our expertise and experience:-- UI/UX, Front-End client development (PWA using a suitable Javascript Framework), Back-End development (API server, Asset & Content Management Server), Scalable Cloud based infrastructure engineering, Database technology selection and development, Streaming technology, Content Delivery Network integration and asset/content management.

In the development of all projects, big or small, and especially MVPs we adopt an agile development methodology that provides flexibility and adaptability. We work in short sprints, allowing us to respond quickly to changes in requirements and user feedback ensuring a dynamic development process for our clients.

OTT methods and technology are an enabler for all media producers to begin to carve out an independent niche in media streaming. OTT Video On Demand (VOD) provides a pathway for producers and aggregators of video media content regardless of size to develop new revenue lines, a wider customer base as well as a forum for exploring appetite for unique content and business models.


Working with WDI helped VIP build their own unique, independent OTT streaming service for the "Irish" market at home and internationally, with hybrid functionality, their own business model, with the capability to change and modify business strategies and services rapidly as they go.

OTT platform development & Design Ireland VIPVIDY.COM

Fig 2.0 VIPVIDY.COM Client Web App Primary UI 

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More Case Studies

web design case studies dublin ireland

web design case studies dublin ireland


I've worked with WDI on a number of key projects over the years and they are my first port of call when I need a web dev agency to deliver on technically demanding projects with unforgiving launch deadlines. If you are looking for a highly skilled, hard-working and responsive team to deliver an innovative online project, I highly recommend Jeremiah and his crew.

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Services Provided 


Strategy and Data

User Journey Mapping
Rapid Design Prototyping



Fast Prototyping
Layout and dynamic elements
User Experience Testing



Branding Development
Use Cases & Website Layouts
Professional Graphic Design


Clean cross-platform HTML & CSS
UI PWA browser Client

API Asset Managment Server

Asset Managment Hub

Infrastructure Architecting



High Demand Scalable Cloud infrastructure


Project Management

End-to-end project management



Technical Helpdesk

Staff Training
Ongoing support and optimisation
Operations Helpdesk support




Looking to build your own OTT Video On Demand platform?

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