The Clinic For Well People TV Show


Does a TV Show need to have a website?


There are significant advantages and potentially lucrative outcomes to be gained from building and hosting a website as an associated side project in support of a topical TV series like "The Clinic For Well People".  


The associated website can provide additional or more detailed information on topical matters touched upon in the shows and offer carefully curated "viewer support".  It can complement and extend interaction with the TV show after broadcast.


A show website benefits directly from powerful cross recognition, i.e.  even though it might be a users first visit to the website, they will atomatically connect with key imagery and messages from the show which adds credibility to the website's impact and marketing potential.

With a bit of forward thinking, an associated TV show/series website could provide further entertainment by introducing interactive content, canvassing opinion, showcasing outtakes and additional content not required in the scheduled  broadcast. Opportunities for product placement are possible outside of what might be allowable within a public broadcast.

Only some of these objective were required by this show, but you can see the potential ...






CASESTUDY VIPVIDY.COM (OTT Video Streaming Service)

Design & Development of a scalable OTT Video Streaming Service, including Asset Management and Custom Web app UI/UX

CASESTUDY The Clinic For Well People (Promotion/Support)

Design, Development and Build of a website to support a new Virgin Media TV Series. Provision of robust website hosting stack to support high traffic during and after TV Show broadcasts.