Online Casting fill-out forms for TV, Movies


Online casting fill-out forms are very useful for casting directors to cast actors, presenters or candidates for specific roles in movie, television, radio, podcast and theatre productions.


Online Cast Application Forms can also be used by casting teams for inviting candidates to apply for places on reality TV programmes / series that involve participation of members of the Public.


Robust online casting forms can be built using PWA (Progressive Web App)  technology that is secure, lightening fast, dynamic and as easy to use on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer and when hosted in the cloud will support high demand calls from big audience TV programmes. 


Long casting application forms can be broken into stages, to generate a higher level of user engagement as well as facilitating partially completed form data collection.

See the recent RTÉ Operation Transformation candidate application form designed and deployed for Vision Independent Productions below-

Online casting application forms are secured using SSL, output is encrypted and stored securely for later processing by the casting team to a locally hosted Application Manager that meshes with the individual production processes of our clients, providing for enhanced processing, candidate communication, data privacy and production support. 

Features include:

  • Custom Form Building & Event Creation
  • Form Usage / Performance KPIs
  • Unlimited Form Fields per form
  • Unlimited number of Forms / Events
  • Unlimited Form views
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited Data Storage (Text, Photo, Video)
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Application Status management
  • Assign applications to Casting Team members
  • Automated work flow & Notifications
  • Applicant Stage Messaging
  • PDF printable Candidate Data Presentations for casting evaluation sessions
  • High level GDPR Compliance & Data Privacy

..and whatever custom function / feature our clients want added including CRM integration

Having your own in-house Casting Application forms generator and Application Manager ensures very high GDPR compliance capability with no private user data or metadata shared with unnecessary third party data processors and no requirement for cookie use permission requests.  Substantial cost and operatioal efficiency savings can also be realised if you are currently using third party generic form SaaS platforms on a regular basis, not to mention privacy risk reduction..


Operation Transformation returns for 2024

RTÉ Operation Transformation Application Form (PWA)


The Operation Transformation team are back on the hunt for their newest crop of leaders to take up the challenge and reset their lives in the new year –


If you think you might be an ideal candidate for OT 2024 click the image below to Apply.

RTÉ Operation Transformation Application Form (PWA)


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Design & Development of a scalable OTT Video Streaming Platform, including Asset Management and Custom Web app UI/UX


Website & Web app design and development for RTÉ's popular operation transformation TV programme.