Tango Program 


An initiative of Eamon Olwill to help others interrupt the nailbiting habit of a lifetime


Trading Online Voucher website development startup


The Tango Program is an innovative approach using a simple product to help suffers of nail-biting to break the habit. 


"I needed a development partner who had expereince of startups, who understood the challenges of bringing something to market for the first time. ..who could help me with all aspects of my ambition to get online and ready to promote my product" 


LEO Online Trading Voucher Scheme COVID-19 grant
One of the smallest but most satisfying projects we took on this year, we were able to offer guidance to this client in respect of applying for a Trading Online Voucher (TOV) with his local enterprise office, assisting with the selection of a suitable domain, branding and the development of a micro ecommerce website to get him up and running within a couple of weeks.

micro business ecommerce websites for trading online voucher companies

Seamless integration with Stripe was implemented to improve user experience and Back-Office support.  A simple easy to use back-office retail control panel with CMS provided the right balance of function without being overly complex.

In addition to design and development we also led the build and deployment offering guidance and support to ensure project completion with a compressed timeframe to reduce costs.





Much thanks to Jer for his support and guidance from start to finish made this project a reality for me. His experience and patience combined with a knowledge of ecommerce and a talented design team is exactly what a start-up needs.



Services Provided



TOV Grant Assistance
Business Case analysis



Online Brand Development

Website Design

Rapid Prototyping

Template Design



Back-Office function & Process

HTML & CSS production
Micro Shopping Cart


Project Management

Dedicated project manager
Build Assistance



Operations Support

Staff Training
Helpdesk Support




 TOV micro website ecommerce design