Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Representing 5,000+ members, IACP are the largest Counselling and Psychotherapy Association in Ireland.


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IACP required a web development and systems integration partner to work with them to build web-facing features and back-office process functionality to reduced growing administration overheads.  Areas of particular focus were: Membership Application processing, Event Booking and post-processing, Member CPD tracking,  and integration with a number of key third party systems (CRM, LMS,  etc)

Every professional association has it own methods, requirements and processes in respect to processing membership. Analysing the application process of all membership types carefully,  allowed for a rationalisation that facilitated fully online processes including payment collection, tight CRM integration, Membership certificate production, fully automated or upon online verification/validation by committee.


  • Building event booking into the IACP website allowed for a tight integration to the IACP CRM system as well as facilitating a huge reduction in event post-processing admin.
  • Integration with Stripe allowed for easy payment collection. Integration
  • to their CRM allowed for validated member discount management.
  • Barcoded event ticket production, allowed for easy attendance tracking using a website connected bar code scanner and automated post event processing of CPD certificates to attendees,  all logged to CRM.

New member features were also added such as CPD point register access and allowing members to make manual additions to keep CPD records up-to-date to ensure continued IACP membership qualification.

We also provided a CMS upgrade to faciliate easier content management and administration control of all new and existing functions as well as working with with IACP to reorganise the website layout and UI to facilitate better information discovery and processes flows.

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Fig.1. Example Integrated Event Booking page

website CPD Certificate Production

Fig.2. Example automated CPD cert (PDF) production.

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More Case Studies

web design case studies dublin ireland

web design case studies dublin ireland


WDI have been instrumental in helping us leverage the web and our website as a tool for greater operational efficiency over the past number of years. No matter what challenge we have posed, Jer and his team have rolled their sleeves up and delivered. Their experience building web based solutions for professional associations shows.

As important as their technical capability, WDI have a great support service which extends not only to maintenance of existing web systems, but is also a trusted resource for us across the board.
I highly recommend WDI to any member based organisation.


Fig.3. Example automated CPD cert (PDF) production.

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