SaaS - Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is gaining momentum as a trusted delivery and distribution method for enterprise software as well as more traditionaly locally hosted software for the small business office environment.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows software developers to lease software on a monthly basis, (or on demand), facilitating lower set-up and operational costs to the end-user rather than imposing the traditional capital costs associated with funding software purchase, licencing, associated hardware purchase and installation. As SaaS is accessed via the Internet using a standard web browser there is a substantially lower operational and support cost to the end-users business.



Benefits of SaaS Applications to Users


No capital cost (Software licence purchase is not required). Monthly subscriptions for service can start from a relatively low amount per month and scale up in small increments depending on functionality configuration, resources consumed and/or users registered. Some SaaS applications are provided on a demand basis where users are charged only for the time they use the service.

Lower IT Support requirement

SaaS applications and infrastructure are centrally maintained by the SaaS vendor, with no requirement for end-user server maintenance or software updating. 


SaaS applications are built with scalability from the outset and SaaS vendors are always investing in enhanced infrastructure to deliver ever faster performance and relaibility to their user base.


Generally users can access SaaS application anywhere, anytime, facilitating remote working and the creation of more flexible working environments. There is a serious commitment by all reputable SaaS vendors to ensure that their applications are available 24×7x365 with no outage.



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