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COVID-19 Self screening forms


SUBSNINJA is new startup software service provider providing ultra low cost membership management and billing software to small clubs and voluntaty organisation in local communities (for more details visit SUBSNINJA.COM)


"Our objective was to design and build a publically available COVID-19 Screening form service for clubs and businessesothers to meet local authority requirements for "safe-return-to-training/office" protocols as rapidly as possible"



We’ve been working with SUBSNINJA for the last two years helping them build and deploy their SUBSNINJA.COM software service.  Knowing our capability and work ethic made it an easy choice to come back to us for this interesting project. 


Pro-Bono projects with limited budgets for development 


To keep costs as low as possible we committed to a delivery schedule of three weeks with permission to use off-the-shelf templates for UI wherever possible as well as pulling suitable code modules from other projects to fulfill the MVP functionality as quickly but as prefessionally as possible.


I think we put a great project together that went live exactly 20 days after start.

You judge for yourself....



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COVID-19 pre-registration form for websites


COVID-19 Registration and attendance list


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web design case studies dublin ireland


COVID-19 Registration and self screening 


Services Provided


Strategy and Data

Architecture selection

Framework selection

MVP specification



Use Case Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Template Layout


Brand Development

Information Architecture
User Testing



Rapid Application Development

Database systems


Project Management

Dedicated project manager

Deployment responsibility
Technical SEO



Operations & Dev Support

Helpdesk Support

Service Delivery 

Operations & Maintenace




free COVID-19 Self screen form and attendance list

If you need a digital COVID-19 Self-screening form for your business, club or facility, go to the COVID-19 Register Project at C19REGISTER.COM were you can create a form to use on your website or with your social media in under 5 minutes. The service is totally FREE.


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