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"When you do a great job for your client your reward will be repeat business and proactive referrals"


Churn in all industries is commonplace, and the web design Industry is no stranger to it. We however pride ourselves with a high retention rate with our clients and we work hard to achieve and maintian it.


Every project we complete has to be significantly better than the last. That is our guarantee to existing customers and one which we are obsessed about.  It does two things for us... removes complacency, allows us to continue to offer the latest technical and design advantage to set a new benchmarks for ourselves and our new client.

GolfDigest & The Irish Golf Tourism business


Walton Media had long admired work we had done promoting inbound tourism for larger clients and wanted to leverage our knowledge and experience. We were charged with the design and build of a new marketing website for to promote Inbound Golf Vacations in Ireland under the GolfDigest brand. Having form in this Industry segment meant that we were aware of Industry practice and requirements so we were able to differentiate on a number of levels to produce another benchmark website in the Irish golf Tour Industry.  


Further work arrived quickly thereafter;  




With our proven work ethic, creativity and responsive support we continue to win important repeat business from Walton Media with a new project in development due for preliminary launch in 2016 and expansion in 2017; GOLFDIGESTTOP100.IE.


It took me a while to find the right partner for us. The combination of design capability, software engineering expertise and understanding of the Inbound Golf tourism industry in Ireland got me interested. The decision worked out well for us, as Jeremiah and his team delivered and remain a key resource for Walton Media to leverage with our upcoming online initiatives.


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