A unique 10 week weight loss programme which will change your mind to change your body.



BODYSLIMS needed a totally new website to help promote thier new and inovative weight loss programme. Also needed was online booking and a back-office event managment systems and CMS for the new season.

With a unique weight loss programme showing great results BODYSLIMS now needed to streamline their booking and admin processes to keep up with demand. Additionally their existing website was looking tired and was not reflecting the sucess and professionalism of the programme.


With a Mobile first approach to the design and layout we assisted BODYSLIMS team in a rebranding exercise producing a more impactfull marketing website and building and integrating a seemless event booking system to allow clients to Book & Pay for places on avaialble programmes acommodating multi-ticket pruchase, earlybird discounting, auto matic seat management and integration to Stripe payment gatweay integration..


Additional bespoke functionality was added to the back-office of the website application to allow our client to manage waiting lists, automatically issue notifications, notify bookers in an event and manage payments and booking assignments.


Within two days of launch the website was put hard to work and secured sellout of both initial events within a couple of weeks.



 Visit Website                  WWW.BODYSLIMS.COM

Services Provided



Use Case Analysis

Rapid Prototyping
Information Architecture


Responsive, mobile-friendly design


Back-Office & CMS

Event booking

Event Management




Project Management

Dedicated project manager

Coordination of Payment Gateways setup
Build Assistance & Deployment